Tumor organoid model

Patient-derived organoids (PDOs) are miniature tumor models that are created by culturing postoperative or biopsy tumor tissues from patients in vitro in 3D. PDOs are highly effective in maintaining tumor tissue heterogeneity, degree of tumor cell differentiation, morphological characteristics, and molecular properties. They are an important tool for dynamic clinical studies of cancer and new drug development.

Sample data
High clinical consistency of tumor organoids: the tissue level
HE staining demonstrates a very high consistency in pathological morphology between the tumor organoids and the primary tumor tissues.
High clinical consistency in tumor organoids: at the gene level
Based on the analysis of whole-exome sequencing, tumor organoids are highly correlated with primary tissues, and the Pearson correlation coefficient is >0.9; tumor organoids and primary tumor tissues have a high degree of consistency in the mutation types of highly mutated genes.
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